ASICS Left and Right

ASICS has launched “Left and Right”, an advertising campaign promoting the SportStyle leisure footwear range campaign, using unique pairings and relationships that together create something more than the sum of their two parts. Four pairings, Adam & Eve, Up & Down, Art & Science and East & West, are brought to life in modern artistic expressions and feature the end line: “What’s a left without a right?” The print campaign, appearing in sports, style, fashion and influencer magazines, shows the two images split between the left and right of a single page.

ASICS Art and Science

“Art & Science” uses two heads facing opposite directions to represent the two hemispheres of the brain responsible for the Michelangelo and Einstein in every one of us.

ASICS East and West

“East & West” illustrates the balance between Asian and Western cultures. Within the outline of a compass, references of food, mythology and landmarks highlight iconic differences between the cultures.

ASICS Adam and Eve

ASICS Up and Down

“Adam & Eve” features modern temptations including a games console, a car and a camera for Adam, and cakes and jewellery for Eve. “Up & Down” features two arms, one pointing up and one down, over a background of arrow signs and tiny figures running up and down.


The online work, available in The Netherlands, France, Germany and Austria, sees the above four images dominate the centerpiece of individually-themed web pages among a collage of graphics and photographs.

The Art and Science page features art in its many forms, from paintings and installations to fashion and architecture. Science iconography, from Charles Darwin’s statue at the Natural History Museum in London, to Pegasus XL, a version of the USA’s first air-launched orbital vehicle, illustrate the science page. Thumbnails link to the original images, which will be uploaded to Flickr.
At the bottom of each screen users can click on a reel of SportStyle products to view the left and right shoe, with pricing information superimposed on the collage.

ASICS Sports Style Show Overview

Point of Sale

The visuals have been adapted for in-store promotional use, with an innovative mirror display in which one shoe is paired up with its mirror image, reinforcing the “What’s a left without a right?” theme.


The Left and Right campaign was developed at Amsterdam Worldwide by executive creative director Richard Gorodecky, creative director Andrew Watson, art directors/copywriters The Stone Twins, planner Simon Neate-Stidson, illustrators Brian Coldrick (East & West), Johan Kleinjan (Adam & Eve), Rhonald Blommestijn (Art & Science) and The Stone Twins (Up & Down).