ASICS Bloggers Left and Right

Amsterdam Worldwide has contracted ten bloggers in an interactive blog hunt for ASICS’ SportStyle leisure footwear range. Each bloggers received two separate halves of ten one-off, 1980s-inspired icons, restyled using rapid-prototyping technology, and were invited to use their community of readers and online network to locate the missing pieces. The halves will be exchanged at the end of next week leaving bloggers with a unique design object.

ASICS packages sent to bloggers

Ten models were chosen to represent 1980s pop culture: De Lorean car, Yamaha Keytar, Atari joystick, Boombox stereo, 3-D View master, C90 cassette, Rubiks cube, Casio digital watch, BMX bike, and a first generation mobile phone. Each model was packaged in a cage-like graphite-coloured mesh, which bloggers had to crack open. The casing also featured a plaque with a personal message, in the blogger’s own language, signed by ASICS.

ASICS package sent to bloggers

Bloggers were selected for their influence and understanding of ASICS’ target audience: dynamic men and women in their late twenties or early thirties, and to represent a cross section of different countries. The bloggers and the journey of each half can be followed at

The blogs are: Highsnobiety, LimitedHype, FormFiftyFive, Freshngood, MZEE, Frizzifrizzi (Italy), StyleSpion (Germany), HypeQuest, BHmagazine (France) and Fubiz (France).

The campaign will culminate in mid May when all the pieces have to be traded and Amsterdam Worldwide has arranged for couriers to manage the exchange. All participants can keep their complete 1980s model icon, the only one of its kind.

Andrew Watson, creative director at Amsterdam Worldwide, said: “We have taken an intelligent approach to working with bloggers, who are the voice of today’s consumer culture. We wanted to engage with street and style bloggers on their own terms, invite them to play a game with their peers in order to encourage a debate about ASICS SportStyle. We hope bloggers will be intrigued, have a laugh and enjoy the rewards for taking part in the quest.”

Maximilian A. Keen, marketing manager for ASICS BV, said: “ASICS appreciates the influence of bloggers and blogging. Our products are discussed at length online and it’s imperative that we engage with bloggers, listen to their feedback and actively encourage honest opinions about our products. The blog hunt is a bit of fun and reignites our “Left and Right” campaign among an influential group of people.”

ASICS packages sent to bloggers

This blogger outreach is the latest phase of Amsterdam Worldwide’s “Left and Right” strategy for ASICS SportStyle, unveiled in February. The pan-European campaign saw unique pairings and relationships brought together to create something more than the sum of their two parts, in print, online and in-store. That campaign included four executions, called ‘Adam & Eve,’ ‘Up & Down,’ ‘Art & Science’ and ‘East & West’ and features the end line: ‘What’s a left without a right?’

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