Art for an Insultingly Low Price

Sky TV in New Zealand is promoting the Arts Channel with the slogan, “Art for an Insultingly Low Price”, featured in a print advertising campaign. Featuring the story of Mark Rothco, the print ad sits in the tragicomedy genre well known to New Zealanders.

Sky TV Arts Channel Mark Rothco print advertisement

Mark Rothco, born Marcus Rothkowitz in Latvia, was a post-war abstract artist known for his opposition to the way only the rich could see his work. He donated paintings to the Tate Gallery and returned the advance he’d received after completing a commission for an expensive restaurant, The Four Seasons in New York. It’s fitting that becomes the icon of accessible arts.


The Insultingly Low Price ad was developed at DDB New Zealand, Auckland, by executive creative director Toby Talbot, head of art Mike Davison, art director James Tucker and copywriter Simon Vicars, account director Danielle Richards and Brad Armstrong.

  • Courtney Schmidt

    Mark Rothko is my favoite artist, and I have done hours of research on him, and never read anyhthing like this. I looked at multiple books, newpapers, sites, and encyclopedias, and none of them made me cry. This made me cry, I really felt for Mark, and his pain. Who ever wrote this-Thank you.