Argos Bring Christmas

British mail order store Argos has launched “Bring”, a television commercial connecting with family customs associated with Christmas. This Christmas you bring the turkey, your wrapping skills, the family traditions, Christmas outfits, the musical maestro. You bring Mr Competitive. You bring the distant relatives. And we’ll bring an easier way to shop. From the smallest gift to the biggest sofa.

Argos You Bring The Turkey


“Bring” was developed at CHI and Partners.

Music is “Stop the Cavalry” by Jona Lewie.

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  • Helen Catterall

    I wonder if companies like Argos undertake market research to understand the tolerance of the public to adverts that feature Christmas music. It seemed like there were several adverts this year from late October and into early November that featured strong Christmas music. To some people that might seem a little bit premature.

  • Helen I’m not sure I get your point about the music. It’s an ad about Christmas shopping. Using Christmas music makes sense. Are you concerned about how early this ad came out?

  • Helen Catterall

    Sorry if my original comment was unclear – I was making a point primarily about timing, and how soon is ‘too soon’ for advertisements featuring overtly Christmas music. I think it’s fine in last November and December, but personally I think it’s a turn-off any earlier than that.