Animation Bizarro on Sundance Channel

Sundance Channel has launched Animation Bizarro, a collection of eleven animated shorts made by some of the most provocative and trippy Canadian animators/artists, most of whom spent time in Canada’s Hothouse animation apprenticeship program.

Animation Bizarro site background

The Animation Bizarro collection was collated to make a playlist of digital shorts that people could kick back and watch from start to finish in just a few minutes, that would sweep them through a range of color and bizarre/provocative visions of the world. Animation Bizarro collection demonstrates a variety of styles: cel, paper cut outs, stop motion and CGI. It also touches on a variety of moods (funny, ironic and sardonic).  

Meta Pre Ptolemy

What if the laws of physics as we understand them suddenly ceased to apply? Such is the question posed by filmmaker Rachel Peters in this muted but whimsical tale of a man and his two gold fish, as they perpare for the end of the world. Meta Pre Ptolemy is the Noah’s ark of gravity. We discover that sometimes survival can be a bittersweet existence. A film without words.


Jacob Bauming shows us a whirling dervish of sensory overload, with a tenuous connection to snazzy “aquatics,” using them as a trigger for his wild and manic imagination.


Directors for the Animation Bizarro collection were Jacob Bauming (Aquasnazz), James Braithwaite (Biology Made Un Easy), Jody Kramer (Lost Monster Hop), Rachel Peters (Meta Pre Ptolemy), Dale Hayward (Roy G Biv), Diego Stolliar (One), Jonas Brandão (Balloons), Maya Ersan (Cumulus), Jo Meuris (An Aqueous Solution), Amy Lockhart (A Single Tear) and a team from Hothouse 3 (Square Roots).

About Hothouse

Hothouse is a 12-week paid apprenticeship program for emerging Canadian filmmakers. Located in Montreal, Quebec, it was created in 2003 by NFB Animation Studio producer Michael Fukushima and executive producer David Verrall. The aim is to re-imagine ways of making animation that are faster, more flexible and that celebrate the shortest of short forms while maintaining creative and technical excellence, all hallmarks of NFB animation.