Amnesty Insomnia in Les Nuits d Amnesty

Amnesty International France aims to make it difficult for certain national leaders to sleep at night, with the help of Insomnia, an advertising campaign online at and Facebook. The 5th edition of the Amnesty nights is running from Thursday 22 to Sunday, October 25, 2009 with hundreds of cultural events throughout France. From Toulouse to Mulhouse via Paris or Angers, artists from different backgrounds are joining Amnesty International France (AIF) to raise awareness of human rights in an original and festive fashion.

Amnesty International Insomnia

The more people get involved, the more noise they’ll make… and the less leaders of certain countries will be able to sleep with a clear conscience. So turn up the volume!

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Insomnia campaign was developed at Rapp France by creative directors Damien Frossard, Gilles Duplan, branded content director Romain Pergeaux, art director Guillaume Paquin, copywriter Renaud Legros.

Filming was shot by director Jeremy Halkin via ESKWAD. Post production was done at Mikros Image. Sound was designed at AOC.