AMC What Makes A Great Story?

AMC (originally American Movie Classics Company) has a promotional ID running asking the question, “What Makes a Great Story?” The ID is linked with the new slogan, “Story Matters Here”, unveiled in May 2009.

AMC ID advertisement with Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum, Clint Eastwood, Elizabeth Taylor, George Clooney, and other well known actors help to explore the question, “What makes a Great Story?” The answer is contained in three concepts, character, plot and climax. The commercial finishes with Kevin Bacon, resulting in a new list of actors who have appeared in a film with him adding to his 6 Degrees project.


AMC staff included SVP of marketing Linda Schupack and VP Brand creative director Geoff Whelan.

The Story Elements ID was developed and produced at We Are Plus (formally known as Plus et Plus), New York, by creative director Jeremy Hollister, creative director/editor/mixer Judy Wellfare, projects director Zu Al-Kadiri, animator Laura Rieland, assistant editor Kelly Burns.

Music is by APM.

AMC ID advertisement with Kevin Bacon

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  • Thomas Gavin Cole

    What makes a great story is a multifaceted question with a comlex set of answers in my opinion. First, readers or audience members must feel something for the characters involved. An internal or external conflict must be present. Something that readers can identify with, and hopefully drawn from universal themes of human existance. The more three-dimensional the characters, revealing strengths and weaknesses, the better. Plot and structure help move the story forward without wandering aimlessly from one location to another without focus, expectation, or desired outcome. And GREAT ENDINGS always help. Twists, surprises, character transformations or arcs… STORY MATTERS HERE! AMC!!