Allen’s Lollies Bring Smiles with Doll

Nestle is bringing smiles to the Australian face with a new big budget television commercial featuring a giant female doll, Ellie. The doll was filmed in the streets of Brisbane, Queensland, in April, and is likely to feature again in Nestle-sponsored appearances.

Ellie the Allens Doll

Ellie walks through the streets of Brisbane, revelling in the delights of Allen’s Lollies. Children and adults in the crowd are amazed and inspired by Ellie’s blowing of confectionery bubbles.

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The Smiles ad was developed at JWT Sydney by executive creative director Andrew Fraser, associate creative director/art director John Lam, creative group head/copywriter Jason Ross, planner Luke Atkinson, group account director Peter Bosilkovski, account director Fiona Tenaglia, agency producer Gerri Hamill.

Filming was shot by director/editor Mark Toia via Zoom Film and Television, Brisbane, with producer Keri Grant.

Post production was done at Cutting Edge, Brisbane.

Music was composed by JoJo Petrina and John Lee at Level Two Music. Sound was designed by Simon Lister at Nylon Studios.

The doll was made by John Cox over two months on the Gold Coast, Queensland. “The doll was designed to remind us all of our childhood. She’s the quintessential doll that’s been part of popular culture for decades,” says John Cox.

  • Val ooge

    I am 72 years young and I thoroughly enjoy seeing the wonderful advert of Ellie.I stop everything I am doing to watch.

  • Angi K

    The “creators” of this add ripped off Royal de Luxe. Look up ‘the Sultan’s Elephant’ for the original dark haired girl in a green dress. Beautiful and amazing!!

  • You mean this one?

  • All ideas evolve through time. I don’t think these ads were similar at all except for the fact that each used a giant puppet. I still LOVE the Allens’ ad and consider it one of my favourites of all time. It makes me smile every time I see it and the interaction with the crowd is amazing!

  • Tim Mathers

    I enjoyed watching the commercial, great stuff coming from Mojo these days.

  • vanessalararine

    one of my favourite ads of all time. Yes, Allens really made me smile. Now I want some snakes!

  • Andy Wilmot

    Excelent and cheary TV advirtisement . Elli the giant doll will stay in my mind like Louis The Fly ……. Why on Gods’ Earth do so many TV ad’s annoy and bore us with raised volume , shouting and repeatitive throbing music …… Good one JWT Sydney .

  • Andy

    It is clearly heavily influence by the royal deluxe vid, which is ok except for the fact that it feels like a cheap contrived imitation rather than an evolution.

    I’m sick of these ads that are filmed as if they are stunts!

  • Rod Clark

    Its upliifting. Wish there were more uplifting clips like this!

  • Elly Adams

    I love this ad & my friends have all said it is computor enhanced. Can you please tell me how tall Ellie really is.