Advertising Blogs Around The World

Here’s an international roundup of blogs focused on advertising and marketing. We’ve sorted the sites out by continent/region. As you can see we have a few gaps. Leave a comment or send us a note (editor @ to make suggestions about sites that should be in the list. Sites listed in bold have linked to The Inspiration Room Daily in their side bars or links pages. I’m adding Twitter addresses as an update – click on the “tw” links. The image below indicates the spread of Inspiration Room readers from around the world.

World Map Blog Readers


Antilogic, South Africa
Between 10 and 5, South Africa
BizCommunity, South Africa
Brand Architect, South Africa
CherryFlava, South Africa
Full Metal Writer, South Africa
Mark Lives, South Africa tw
Mike Stopforth, South Africa tw
The Batrachian Chronicles, South Africa tw
The Heavy Chef Project, South Africa
Where’s the rest?


Adfeast, India. tw
Adoholik, India
AdPunch, India
Come Read Comment Go, India. tw
Bhat Naturally, India
Danwei, China. tw
Desi Creative, India
GANDAMO, Philippines
The Admosphere, Malaysia
TV Ad Blog, Malaysia


A Perspective tw
Adspace-Pioneers, tw
Amnesia Blog
Angus Whines
Banner Blog
Best Ads on TV Blog
Better Communication Results tw
Brand DNA tw
Campaign Brief tw
Cool Hunter
Copywrite tw
Creative is Not A Department tw
Ettf tw
Filter Media
FRANKthoughts tw
Get Shouty tw
In My Atmosphere tw
Innovation Feeder
Laurel Papworth tw
Lexy Klain tw
Marketing Easy tw
Marketing Magazine
Media Hunter tw
mUmBrella tw
Online Marketing Banter
Online Marketing Sydney
Personalize Media
Pigs Don’t Fly tw
PR Disasters
Preneur Marketing
Publicity Queen
Servant of Chaos tw
Slice Media Blog
Sticky Ads
The Digestif
The Flasher
A Blog about Digital Media
The Inspiration Room Daily tw
The Marketer
Three Billion
Tim Longhurst
Uneven Distribution
Young PR
Zebra Bites tw


A Source of Inspiration, Portugal
AdArena, Slovakia
AdLand, Denmark tw
Ad of Da Month, Hungary tw
Ads of the World Blog, Hungary tw
Adverblog, Italy tw
Adverbox, Italy
Advert Eyes, Greece
Advertising Pawn, France
Brainwash, Germany
CMM News, UK
Cool Marketing
Coolzor, Belgium
Copy Paste, Portugal
Crackunit, UK
CreaLog, tw
Creative Bits, Hungary
Creative Section, Sweden
Creativity Blab, Italy
Bloguerilla, Italy
Datasky, Poland
De Quién es la Canción, Spain
Direct Daily, Netherlands
Elma Alt Shift, Turkey
Fubiz, France tw
Graphik Addict, France
Adeevee, Italy
Illegal Advertising, UK
Interactive Marketing Trends, UK
Invisible Red
Joe La Pompe, France tw
My Predictions, Italy tw
Marketing Alternatif
Mastercom, France tw
Ninja Marketing, Italy tw
No Fat Clips, Italy
Only Dead Fish, UK
OlcaytoCengiz, Turkey tw
Osocio, Netherlands tw
PubAddict, Portugal tw
Publizia, Spain
Publinnovation, Portugal
Quiet Glover, France tw
Reklamewereld, Netherlands, Sweden
Scamp, UK
Texturl, Turkey tw
The Hidden Persuader, Portugal
TV Spot, Canary Islands
TV’s Worst Adverts, UK
ViralBlog, Netherlands, Chile
ViralX, Hungary
Werbeblogger, Germany

Middle East

Ad Blog Arabia
Ad Nation Middle East
Ads 2 Blog, Kuwait
Anubis, Kuwait
Arab Ad Zone

North America

Ad2Date, USA
Ad To the Bone, USA
Adfreak, USA
Adhunt, USA
Adpulp, USA
Adrants, USA
AdverGirl, USA, USA
Advertfan, Canada
Adwarrior, USA
Advertising for Peanuts, USA
Advertising/Design Goodness, Canada
Advertising Lab, USA
AdHole, USA
American Copywriter, USA
Ask a Copywriter, USA
Beyond Madison Avenue, USA
Brentter, USA
Brief Blog, Mexico
Chroma, Canada
Church of the Customer, USA
Cup of Java, USA
Denver Egotist, USA
Glossy Inc, Canada
Great Advertising Clever Ads, Canada
Guerilla Communication, USA tw
I Have An Idea, USA
Jaffe Juice, USA
Logic + Emotion, USA
Make The Logo Bigger, USA
MIT Advertising Lab, USA
Frederik Hermann, USA
PixelPasta, USA
Room 116, USA
Scary Ideas, USA
Shake Well Before Use, USA
Shedwa, USA
Texturl, USA
The Ad Feed, USA
The Ranch, USA
Ugly Doggy, USA

South America

01Brainstorm, Brazil
Abrandando, Brazil tw
Ad Me, Brazil
Ad Factory, Brazil tw
Adivertido, Brazil tw
Ad Topic, Peru
AdsCreative, Brazil
ADTudo, Brazil
Advertencia, Chile
Brainstorm #9, Brazil tw
Alept, Brazil
Blog@Dois, Brazil tw
Blogcitario, Brazil
Blog de Guerrilha, Brazil
BunkerDog, Brazil
Casa do Galo, Brazil
Celula Ideias, Brazil tw
Chapa Branca, Brazil
Com Limão, Brazil
Comunicadores, Brazil
Communique9, Brazil
Direto Do Forno, Brazil
Estalo, Brazil tw
Fresh Fish, Brazil
Galo Clandestino, Brazil
Ice Cream, Brazil
Malucom, Brazil
Midiatico, Brazil
Nos Blogamos, Brazil
Paula Rizzo, Brazil
Pimenta no Pao, Brazil
Ponto D, Brazil
Prontofalei, Brazil tw
Propagando Propaganda, Brazil tw
Publiloucos, Brazil tw
Puta Sacada, Brazil tw
The Ad Mad!, Argentina
SimViral, Brazil
Toque Social, Brazil tw
Varal, Brazil
Water Melon Monkey, Brazil
Yonoveotele, Venezuela
Ypsilon, Brazil

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