Adobe CS4 Le Sens Propre

Adobe continues the Shortcut to Brilliant campaign with “Le Sens Propre”, a short film promoting Adobe Creative Suite CS4. Animator Cisma (Denis Kamioka) has produced a film where the way you tell the history is more important than the history itself. It’s a symbolic, dream-live voyage in the universe of a little girl, where what you see is not always what it means.

Adobe Birthday Cake Girl

A young girl (Mariana Emerick) interacts with her mother (Bete Correia) in a world of make believe.

Artists in various disciplines were invited to use CS4 to create a piece of art work. The brief was open ended. The only requirements were that starting point be something ordinary, simple, and that the artists take that and apply their imagination to it and see what happens. Adobe and their agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners provided each artist with an “equation” of CS4 products to use in creating their piece and challenged them to create the most amazing, engaging content they could with the prescribed Adobe tools.

As in his films, The Fly and The Eye, and “Handmade”, Cisma has based Le Sens Propre in live action, mixing graphics, visual effects and in-camera tricks to create a surreal world that seems to be as much about the act of perception as it is about the film’s subject.

See more on the film, including an interview with Cismo, at GlossyInc.


Adobe CS4 Le Sens Propre is part of the Shortcut to Brilliant campaign developed at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco, by creative director Keith Anderson, associate creative directors Tony Stern and Frank Aldorf, art director Jon Willard, copywriter Jesse Gazzuolo, broadcast producer Brian Coate.

Le Sens Propre was produced at Blacklist, New York by writer/director Cisma, executive producers Aaron Kisner, Adina Sales, producer Cassie Hamilton.

Live action production was done at Margarida Flores E Filmes, São Paulo, by executive producers Paulo Schmidt, Fabiano Beraldo, production coordinators Ingrid Raszl, Thais Freire, production director Adriano Gobbi, director of photography Pierre de Kerchove, first art director Janie Paula, second art director Livia Duclerc.

Stop motion animation was done at Animatorio, São Paulo. Post production was done at Illegal FX, São Paulo, by coordinator Francisco Ruiz, editor Marcio Soares, colorist Daniel Dias, AE compositors Daniel Dias, Pedro Gebara, Guilherme Correa, Luis Costa, AE Rotoscoping team Rogerio Merlino, Marcelo Martins, Marcio Martins and Diego Rock.

Music and sound design were by Paulo Beto. Singer is Irina Gatsalova. Sound was mixed by Joe Ramos at Big Joe Sound, Santa Monica.