Adidas Break Up Service

Adidas in December 2008 introduced the world to the ‘No Sad Big Smile’ Break Up Service, run by Akira, an enterprising young man on a scooter in Tokyo. The 3 minute video, filmed in Tokyo, was designed to showcase the Adidas Originals Safety gear available at UK sportswear chain JD Sport.

Adidas Breakup Service rider Akira wears Adidas Original Safety gear

Akira rides around with the messages that local men and women are either too polite or too busy to deliver in person. To keep himself safe from the inevitable reactions of depression, anger and denial he wears Adidas Originals Safety gear. The campaign featured the site (no longer active). Click on the image below to play the video.


The Break Up Service campaign was developed at TBWA London by creatives Mat Fox and Mark Nicholson, agency producer Tamara Kennon.

Filming was shot by director Kosai Sekine via Taiyokikau and Blink with producers Jeremy Smith and Satoshi Takahashi, and executive producer Andrew Thomas.

Post production was done at The Mill by colourist Paul Harrison. Offline editor was Norihiko Maeda.

Music is Perro Amor Explota by Argentinean band Bersuit Vergarabat.