Accidents Can Happen To Anyone in Bucharest

The Bucharest Police collaborated with Romanian celebrities with “Accidents Can Happen to Anyone”, a PR and accident prevention campaign with a zero media budget. With the help of Arsenoaiei & Matasel, Bucharest, the Police convinced major television presenters, singers, dancers, VJs, DJs actors and sportsmen to appear live on television in wheel chairs and talk about the reality of road accidents.

Bucharest Wheelchairs

Every year, in Romania, 3,000 people die and more than 10,000 get severe injuries in car accidents. Usually, during the winter months, in December, January and February, the number of traffic accidents increases dramatically. The public is aware of the constantly increasing number of traffic accidents,but the general attitude is: It Cannot Happen To Me! The challenge was huge, since unpaid social campaigns get free TV airing space, but only in the unsold commercial breaks, late at night, out of primetime. So we desperately needed to escape the commercial break, in order to reach primetime and build fast and powerful social impact.

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Over 40 TV presenters, football, handball and tennis players, K-1 fighters, rally drivers, singers, dancers, DJs and VJs took part in this campaign. Five million Romanians were exposed to the message and car accidents dropped by 20 percent in Bucharest. The campaign was awarded a Golden Drum for Media in October 2009, along with three gold awards at Ad’Or 2009.


The “Accidents can happen to anyone!” media campaign was developed at Arsenoaiei & Matasel, Bucharest, by partners Emilian Arsenoaiei and Razvan Matasel.

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