Absolut Hugs with Global Kindness

ABSOLUT has taken its “Hugs” campaign on a global level, promoting the concept of transactions that are paid for with affection and gratitude rather than financial currency. A part of the “In an ABSOLUT World” campaign, the Hugs television commercial was first shown to 19 million people in the United States during the Grammy Awards 2009. The campaign is now being adapted for new markets and rolled out globally, associated in some places with local Absolut Kindness promotions.

Absolut Hugs scene in supermarket

All shot in Argentina, the spot takes the viewer to eight different countries, showing people all over the world hugging and kissing rather than exchanging money when “buying” groceries and movie tickets or “paying” for bus and taxi rides. During three days of shooting, a cast of hundreds exchanged countless hugs in front of the cameras.

Click on the image below to play the video.

Matthias Aeppli, Vice President Marketing, The Absolut Company, said, “It is a demonstration of our confidence that we are launching this global campaign at a time when our competitors are making major cutbacks on advertising. This is our first global campaign under our new ownership, and “Hugs” shows that Pernod Ricard is determined to keep the brand’s long-term focus on creative marketing.”

Behind the Scenes

Jesper Andreasson, Global Manager of Communication Development with Absolut, said, “It was a spectacular shoot with an overload of kindness from both actors and members of the crew. The positive theme of the spot created a special atmosphere during the shooting, which can be seen in the behind the scenes movie now being launched at YouTube.”

Click on the image below to play the video.

To view the ad and the behind the scenes film, visit http://www.youtube.com/user/ABSOLUTworld

The http://www.absolut.com/hugs site, available for people of legal drinking age, will feature the TV spots, behind the scenes material and other interactive features.


The Absolut Hugs ad was developed at TBWA\Chiat\Day New York & TBWA\SMP Philippines by worldwide creative director Mark Filiulo, creative directors Rob Smiley (New York), Melvin Mandaga, Marci Reyes (Philippines), associate creative directors/art directors Aaron Adler and Marta Ibarrondo, copywriter Knox Balbastro (Philippines), art director Denise Tee (Philippines), senior producer Jason Souter and director of broadcast production Ozzie Spenningsby.

Filming was shot by Michael Hausmann via Person Films & H.S.I. Productions, with director of photography Paul Cameron, executive producer Michael McQuhae, producer Tim Kerrison, assistant director Tirso Peake.

Local production was provided at Film Planet, Buenos Aires, by executive producer Karin Stuckenschmidt and production manager Elena Massa.

Editor was Rick Russell via Final Cut New York. Visual effects were developed at The Mill, New York, by colorist Fergus McCall, Flame artists Dan Williams, visual effects producer Dan Roberts, and sound mixer Tom Jucarone.

Music for the Grammys version was the Louis Armstrong hit, “A Kiss To Build a Dream On”. The music for the spot being shown around the world was especially composed.

Absolut Kindness in Britain

For one week, kind gestures such as giving smiles, high fives and simply saying good morning are going to become currency and earn their givers coffees, drinks and cinema snacks, as Absolut brings to life their vision of An ABSOLUT World where currency is replaced by kindness. On Sunday April 19 Kind Commuters. On Tuesday it was smile for your coffee. On Wednesday it was being kind to buskers. On Friday kindness is on the menu at Berwick St Market. An Absolut Kindness Twitter channel gives out clues for people who would like to be part of the campaign. Anjali Ramachandran at PSFK reports that customers exchanged high fives and compliments for free snacks and drinks at cinemas in Islington and Clapham. In Shoreditch and Soho, a simple smile earned people a free coffee.

To see other acts of kindness and to share your own acts of kindness, visit http://www.absolutkindness.com