5 Seeds Birds vs Humans

Lion has launched “Birds vs Humans”, an integrated advertising campaign promoting the new Tooheys Extra Dry cider, 5 Seeds. The campaign is centred around an interactive journey in which humans forage in the wastelands for scraps of the prize, the apple. They compete with the birds who rule overhead. The commercial promoting the journey reveals the desperation and degeneration of the unevolved humans before our heroine climbs a tree to get her hands on a shiny, crispy apple. The Facebook page, facebook.com/5Seeds, has a number of interactive activities, including a game called ‘Feed the Feral’, while the brand’s YouTube account, youtube.com/5Seeds, offers series of videos explaining the story surrounding the struggle between man and bird.

Woman claims apple in 5 Seeds commercial

Click on the image below to play the 5 Seeds Birds vs Humans TV ad in YouTube

“Imagine a world in which birds claimed the Apple first, plunging us into darkness. In this world, you are feral and birds rule the roost. When a beautiful woman falls from the trees overhead in her attempt to reclaim the Apple, your quest begins. You must finish what she started. Reclaim the Apple Up the Trees and release your kind from the oppression of our winged overlords. But beware, your quest is fraught with dangers that will test your courage, your wit and your integrity. Every decision you make on the way to your goal is a matter of life and death. Make a poor choice and the hopes of your kind will perish along with you. Choose wisely and youll be a step closer to reclaiming the Apple and tasting the spoils of victory.”

5 Seeds Start Your Journey

5 Seeds Options

Click on the image below to play the Start Your Journey video.

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Click on the image below to play the Work as A Tribe video.


The Birds vs Humans campaign was developed at BMF, Sydney, by executive creative director Warren Brown, creative director Simon Langley, associate creative director/copywriter Richard Morgan, art director Nils Eberhardt, group account director Nick Garrett, account director Lenya Kovacevic, account manager Elisabeth Spence, executive planning director Jeremy Nicholas, strategic planning director Simon McCrudden, TV producer Mandy Payne.

According to BMF creative director, Simon Langley, the campaign poses an alternative reality to the rise of human kind: “Eating the apple gave humanity knowledge and power over all other creatures on earth. But imagine if another creature had eaten the apple first – they would have ruled the earth. Scary thought.” said Langley.

Filming was shot by director Michael Spiccia via Goodoil Films with producer Sam Long and director of photography Danny Ruhlmann.

Editor was Stewart Reeves at Guillotine. Post production was done at The Lab (grade) and Fin Design by VFX supervisor Justin Bromley.

Sound was produced at Song Zu, Sydney. Music was composed by Elliott Wheeler.

Media was handled by Zenith Optimedia.

The digital campaign was developed at Holler Sydney by creative director Tim Buesing, lead designer Chris Jeffree, copywriter Tony Wild, senior project manager Mic Wernej, senior account director Suzette Mackenzie, junior account manager Dom Felton, head of influencer marketing Matt Kendall, interactive developer Lukasz Karluk, VFX designer Razif Djamaluddin, senior Flash developer Tim Drew.