42 Below One Dream Rush

42 Below, the vodka brand from New Zealand owned by Bacardi, is the creative sponsor of One Dream Rush, a very short film festival based in Beijing, China. 42 films from around the world were chosen from a competition in which film makers were given 42 seconds on the dream theme.

One Dream Rush Trailer mirror scene

The competition, launched in October 2008, culminated in a showcase event held at the Chinese National Film Museum in Beijing, April 2009, and is now set to travel around the world, starting at the Cannes Film Festival. “We all share the waking world together, but half our lives are spent asleep, alone with our dreams.”

Creative Director and Curator Rajan Mehta notes, “We live in a world where cultural exchange spreads faster, and with a lot less resistance, than military or economic invasion. The idea was to leverage that exchange to produce something truly unique.”


The trailer for One Dream Rush is, fortunately, four minutes 11 seconds long, long enough to give us a feel for the exhibition.

Films have been assessed by a panel featuring directors Werner Herzog, Mu Deyuan, Cary Woods, Xia Gang, Ge You.

Film director Xia Gang, one of the jury members, said, “Unfortunately I didn’t see all the candidates’ works because an elimination was held before the jury process starts. I think it’s a good platform for young filmmakers because everyone has the same 42 seconds. The Chinese film industry has entered into a prosperous era, with more blockbusters coming out, new cinema lines and advanced techniques. But creativity is still a problem. I’ve seen some very creative works in this competition and I hope those directors keep working.”

“To control it within 42 seconds is not the final destination. It’s just a platform for new comers to show themselves. They must be daring, with innovative ideas, an understandable storyline and unique techniques in terms of the images, pacing and acting. Some of the works are just striking. They are thoughtful and powerful.”

Cary Woods, one of the judges, said, “Apparently, numerology is something that a lot of people spend a lot of time, even their entire life studying. And the number 42 definitely has some significance to a lot of people. It seems to be just enough time to get an idea forward that’s relatively sophisticated with imagery.”

42 Film Directors Below

Kenneth Anger (Youtube), Grant Morrison: The 42nd Minute (Youtube), Matt Pyke, UK, Chris Milk, USA, “Last Day Dream” (Youtube), Dee Poon, China, “An Exercise in Futility” (feat. Chun Xiao), Arden Wohl, USA, “Jacobian”, Asia Argento, Italy, “S/He”, Zhang Yuan, China, Michele Civetta, Italy, “Astarte”, Florian Habicht, New Zealand, Liebestraume, Taika Waititi, New Zealand, “Last Night”, Yung Chang, China/Canada, “Alishan”, Abel Ferrera, USA, Sergei Bodrov, Russia/USA, David Lynch, USA, Larry Clark, USA, Chan Marshall, Charles Burnett, USA, Joe Coleman, USA, Terence Koh, China/Canada, Carlos Reygadas, Mexico, Zachary Croitoroo, USA, Rinko Kikuchi, Japan, Mike Figgis, UK, Tadanobu Asano, Japan, Griffin Marcus, USA, Brian Butler, USA, Rajan Mehta, Floria Sigismondi, Italy/USA, Sean Lennon, USA, Leos Carax, France, James Franco, USA, Niki Caro, New Zealand, Lou Ye, China, Harmony Korine, USA, Lola Schnabel, USA, Mote Sinabel, Japan, Chris Graham, New Zealand, Jonathan Caouette, USA, Gaspar Noe, Argentina/France, Jonas Mekas, Lithuania/USA.


The One Dream Rush site was developed at Portable Content by executive producer Andrew Apostola, art director/curator Rajan Mehta, curator Ilya Rozhdestvensky, interactive director Kentaro Yamada, project manager Hody Hong, developer and analyst Mark Natividad, interface designer Courtney Kim, technical consultants Narinda Reeders and Leigh Grey-Smith.