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Harper Collins is celebrating 25 years of 4th Estate publishing with 25th Estate: This Is Where We Live a short film using over 1000 books. The film, released on the web, is being used in marketing and anniversary celebrations as well as a Christmas card.

This is where We Live 25th Estate ad

The film celebrates both 4th Estate’s output, and the world of booklovers: a world made out of stories. The film contains numerous in-jokes and references to the books it features, and everything, from the ships in port to the cinema in Soho to the man fishing in Central Park is made out of books, covers, pages and words.

The 25th Estate film is online at 25thestate.com, with credits and time lapse animations.


This Is Where We Live was developed at Apt Studios, London, by producers Peter Collingridge and James Bridle.

Over a thousand books were used to make the film, which was shot over two weeks in a makeshift studio in North London. Twenty animators worked in shifts to get it made, often sleeping under the set itself.

VFX were developed at Asylum by directors Ben Falk (DoP) and Josiah Newbolt (editor and sound designer), producer/sound designer Phil Vanier, lighting technician/model maker Max McGill, production designer Philippa Culpepper, supervising animators Jason Wood and Mickey Bignell, animators Susie Jones and Alex Major, model makers Isabella Rising, Ed Arthur, Matt Williams, Georgina Ferguson, Rebecca Ford, Jake Snellin, Adam Beautement, John Lush, Henry Culpepper, Sally Langford, Willa Culpepper, Rachel Mcintyre, Alex Burr, post production team Christian Sturm and Liam O’Connor.

Music was provided by Mike Chalmers aka Actionfist.

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