10 Things a Bloke Should Know

The Cancer Council in Australia promoted an information phone-in relating to prostate cancer, helping men see the gathering of information on the disease as an essential part of being a man. A full page press advertisement featuring 10 vital areas of interest to men, set in the context of a retro document, won an award for best copywriting at the Caxton Awards for Newspaper Advertising 2008.

“In the Kingdom of Man there are certain survival skills we all need to learn. These things make us useful, attractive, relatable, and enjoyable to be around. Thankfully there are only 10, because without them we probably wouldn’t survive any longer than a cold beer on a hot day. Here they are.”

10 Things a Bloke Should Know - Cancer Council print advertisement

Every bloke should memorise at least 3 knots in his lifetime. Making fire, the 20th century involves an empty soft drink can and a chocolate bar. Work on the perfect golf swing. The one motor vehicle related test every man should master is the art of reversing a trailer. Men should learn the line-up of Australia’s current First XI Cricket team every summer. Learn how to relate to women. Work out excuses for visits to the shed. Learn how to use the barbeque. Know the hierarchy of poker hands. Check out the facts on prostate cancer.


The 10 Things a Bloke Should Know was developed at Marketforce, Perth, Western Australia, by creative director Andrew Tinning, art director Andrew Chu, and illustrator Ray Castledine.

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