Your body is your home – Don’t Smoke

ADESF (Associação de Defesa da Saúde do Fumante) challenged smokers in Brazil to rethink their habits with a print advertising campaign showing home interiors ruined by smoke. The tagline: “Your body is your home. Don’t smoke”. We’re shown the devastating effects of a fire on a kitchen, bookcase, bedroom and red sofa. “Seu corpo é sua casa. Não fume”.

ADESF Kitchen print advertisement

ADESF Bookcase print advertisement

ADESF Bedroom print advertisement

ADESF Sofa print advertisement

ADESF Lounge print advertisement


The ADESF campaign was developed at Neogama BBH, Sao, Paulo, Brazil by creative director Alexandre Gama, copywriter Isabella Paulelli, art director Márcio Ribas, account supervisor, photographer Robert Polidori and producer Robson Ciaramicoli.

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