Yearbook Yourself Online

Taubman Centers, a network of United States shopping malls, is behind Yearbook Yourself,, today’s Site of the Day. The online and in-center experience is designed to allow teenagers to see what they would have looked like when their parents were in school, while catching up on current fashion shopping.

Yearbook Yourself Site

The Yearbook Yourself site invites visitors to upload their photos and morph their faces onto yearbook photos spanning five decades. They can easily move from the 1950s through the 1990s and see themselves with the hair and fashion styles of the times while listening to music inspired by that era. Simultaneously, they can learn about the fashion styles and trends of the eras and which stores, found at Taubman centers, carry today’s hottest back-to-school fashion and styles.

David Goldberg, vice president, marketing and sponsorship at Taubman, explains the thinking behind the site.

“We wanted to offer teens and their parents a fun and unique online experience that allows them to interact with our brand and talk about our stores. The back-to-school shopping season is one of the most important times of the year for our retailers, so it was our goal to show how they are forward-thinking when it comes to current trends and fashions.”

The site also features “home room” pages that allow visitors to save their favorite yearbook photo to a page and then invite friends to post their photos as well. Shared links allow friends to view each others’ home room pages. They can also save, print, email or post their yearbook photo creation to a web page or social network site.

Yearbook Yourself supported 20 Taubman centers through September by linking to center-specific retailers and their corresponding mall profile pages. Nine of the Taubman centers also featured “Yearbook Yourself In-center Experiences.” These walk-thru, gallery-like exhibits displayed vintage products through the ages. The experience ended with a 8′ x 7′ 3D yearbook highlighting teen photos from the 1950s up through today, juxtaposed with images of vintage products and the current products and fashions found at Taubman retailers. A DVD loop showed highlights from the online experience.

The Yearbook Yourself campaign was developed at Colle+McVoy, Minneapolis.

Mike Fetrow, ex executive creative director at Colle+McVoy, talks about the connection between the interactive site and the shopping malls.

“Teens can have a lot of fun with the site and technology, as well as connect in ways that are intuitive to them. But it was essential for the site to also highlight current back-to-school trends and Taubman retailers to encourage teens and their parents to visit a store they might not otherwise visit while shopping for school.”

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