Yahoo Takes on Baidu by Degrees

Yahoo China took on Baidu‘s hold on the Chinese search engine market in May with a print advertising campaign comparing the scope of each company. In Chinese, “Baidu” means “100 degrees”. The Chinese text is translated in English as “Only searching within 100 degrees? Why not use Yahoo! 360 Degree search engine?”

The Mars Rover vehicle uses a 100 degree angle to search for signs of life when behind it the Martians play. A man in bathing costume looks through a telescope for signs of life in the sea, while behind him the mermaids play.

Martian in Yahoo 360 Degree Search Engine advertisement

Mermaid in Yahoo 360 Degree Search Engine advertisement


The 360 degree campaign was developed at DDB Shanghai, China, by creative director Michael Dee, creative director/art director Jody Xiong, art director Leo Wan, copywriter Meredin Xu, illustrators GongKun, Aif Xie, Jody Xiong.

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