XBox Slip Master Your Environment

Microsoft continued the free running action highlighted in the Cops and Robbers commercial in 2007 with “Slip”, an online mini-documentary on the ambitions of Chase Armitage, free runner and editor of 3Run magazine. The 120 second online video helped launch three new Japanese titles for the Xbox 360, Rain (Zombie), Tenchu Z (Ninja stealth), and Project Sylpheed (space simulation).

Freerunner Chase Armitage eyes

The freerun beyond the possible is set in Bloomsbury’s Brunswick Centre, in London’s South Bank. The spot begins with a frame used in a previous print campaign. Chase provides the voiceover, talking about the point at which he slips, losing a sense of where his body is, finally mastering his environment.

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The online campaign was developed at AKQA by creative director / copywriter James Hilton with agency producer Miles Wilkes.

James Hilton, creative director and co-founder of AKQA told Contagious: ‘Each of the games is all about controlling something, like invisibility or a fleet of spaceships, and so the premise was about mastering your environment.’ Hilton was influenced by Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy which explains the art of flying as being able to “throw yourself at the ground and miss”.

Hilton said, “By not being held back by mental or physical obstacles, our freerunner is truly mastering his environment. The film shows a ‘slip’ through time and dimensions – as the real world morphs with one beyond the edge of reality.”

XBox Master

Filming was shot by director Barney Howells via Partizan Films with director of photography George Steele and producer Matt Tucker.

Filmed with four HD cameras, capturing 1000 frames per second, this is the first time that cameras have been attached to a moving freerunner, giving a sense of being at one with the runner.

Film was edited by Adam Marshall at The White House. Grading was done at The Mill by colorist James Bamford and producer Andy Orrick.

Post Production was done at Golden Square by Flame artist Fasa Oyibo and producer Bryony Harrison.

Sound, a symphony of urban and ambient effects and tones, was designed at Adelphoi, with music composed by Andrew Sherriff, and producer Sean Atherton.