XBox 360 Live Your Moment

Microsoft has launched a global integrated marketing campaign that reflects the evolution that Xbox is bringing to entertainment, to gaming, and to the way we play together. The campaign, “Live Your Moment”, includes includes television, billboard, and print ads, as well as interactive TV, cinema, radio and digital marketing. has this last week undergone a fundamental step change, created and built by AKQA London, to embody the fusion of gaming and entertainment that Xbox represents.

Woman views XBox 360 movies in her head

Three TV adverts are designed to connect with people through emotional moments that are the result of individual Xbox experiences. Lego Batman focuses on a father and son gaming together. “Rock Band” shows a group of friends sharing music game fun. “Movie Downloads” highlights how consumers can enjoy downloading and watching their favourite high definition films on Xbox 360. Each campaign treatment is unified, firstly showing the effect (the emotion on our hero’s face), and then the cause, (the Xbox experience). These are woven together into a single shot.

Shown here are the UK versions…

Family Games

Lego Batman: The Videogame is a video game developed by Traveller’s Tales, released on September 23, 2008.

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Rock Band

Rock Band is a music video game developed by Harmonix Music Systems, published by MTV Games, and distributed by EA Distribution. Rock Band 2 will be available in November.

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Movie Downloads

XBox 360, although a game console, also provides HD and standard definition television shows, films and short films available for downloading to a hard drive.

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Stephen McGill , Head of Gaming and Entertainment, Xbox UK and Ireland. explains the relaunch of the Xbox 360. “Since the launch of the original Xbox, our platform has focused on delivering amazing gaming experiences which won the hearts and minds of core gamers through top-rated franchises such as Halo and Gears of War. Today the world of entertainment has morphed and Xbox is at the heart of delivering not only amazing gaming experiences with 1st and 3rd party core gamer marketing efforts around titles such as Gears of War 2, Fable II, Tomb Raider: Underworld, and Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 but also the broadest, most social entertainment offerings with Xbox LIVE, movies, music and a smashing Christmas games line-up.

Boy plays XBox 360 games in his head


The XBox 360 Live Your Moment campaign was developed at T.A.G. San Francisco, an agency with McCann Worldwide, by creative directors John Patroulis, Scott Duchon, Geoff Edwards, art director Aramis Israel, and agency producer Joyce Chen. This is the same agency who produced the award-winning Halo 3 “Believe” campaign.

Filming was shot by director Daniel Askill via Radical Media, Los Angeles with executive producers Frank Scherma and Donna Portaro, line producer Kathy Rhodes. Askill, one of the founders of Australian film and design company Collider, is known for his award-winning short film, We Have Decided Not To Die, along with his commercials for Air France, Hummer Chairs and Cadillac.

Editing was done at Rock Paper Scissors by Adam Pertofsky with executive producer Linda Carlson, producer Vicki Tripp, and assistant editor Gabriel Britz.

Visual effects were developed at The Mill, in Los Angeles, New York and London, by a team including managing director Alistair Thompson, executive producer Gabby Gourrier, producers Bethan Thomas and Kate Stearnhouse, VFX supervisor Richard DeCarteret and CG supervisor Ben Smith.

Woman plays XBox 360 Rock Band game in her head

To create the magic of the Xbox experience, miniature sets were built rather than created in CGI. The films were shot in Prague, which has a long history of miniature building, using a team of craftsmen. The level of detail in the miniatures is exquisite, from tiny lights that worked in each of the buildings in Lego Batman, to the stacks of speakers and intricate scaffolding in Rock Band 2, to the rows of tiny velvet chairs in the cinema set.

Sound was designed by John Bolen at Play Sound with executive producer Sara Hartman.

Original music was composed at Robot Repair (Aaron Alden, Douglas Darnell and Kael Alden).