WWF Heroes in South Africa

WWF in South Africa has a print advertising campaign hailing the heroes of the current environmental crisis. Six South African ‘ordinary folk’ are transformed into heroes through their responsible actions. Their hero status is symbolised by their capes, shoes and helmets.

WWF hero Candice saves the planet

Candice Serfontein saves the planet, by shopping with reusable bags.

WWF hero Iris saves the planet

Iris Jenkins saves the planet, by switching off lights.

WWF hero James saves the planet

James Woodburn saves the planet, by watering after 6pm

WWF hero Jeremy saves the planet

Jeremy Fortuin saves the planet, by turning his TV off standby.

WWF hero Lungisa saves the planet

Lungisa Madike saves the planet, by showering, not bathing.

WWF hero Sarah saves the planet

Sarah Preston-Thomas saves the planet by choosing sustainable seafood.


The WWF Heroes campaign was developed at Ogilvy Cape Town by creative directors Chris Gotz and Gordon Ray, copywriter Cuanan Cronwright, art director Jennifer Macfarlane, with photographer Misha Taylor via Hurricanes Photography, with retouching done at Still Images and styling done by Wande Lamprecht.