NZ Army Recruitment Tests

Here’s a recruitment ad from the NZ Army, one of several scenarios presented as a test of the common sense needed for survival in high risk situations. The ad poses a question for viewers. For the answers and other challenges, as well as the recruitment ads in several formats, visit

Open the Door

Watch very carefully. You’re patrolling the area between two villages in dispute, travelling with colleagues in a Pinzgauer high mobility all terrain vehicle. A woman walks up and knocks on your door, calling “Hello, hello, hello!” She appears to be carrying a baby in a sling. Would you unlock the door for this woman?”

  • Lee De-Adman

    do not umlock door as there is a automatic machine gun on her back.

  • stevee-jean

    no i would not open the door you never know it could be a a set up.

  • Levi Bedggood

    No I wouldnt open the door because the baby could be fake and have a grenade or bomb inside it

  • piri tautari

    no do not open the door she could have a boom in her hands