World Vision Sponsorship for Families

World Vision in Australia is promoting child sponsorship with a humorous advertising campaign aimed at families. For only $43 per month, a family can sponsor a child in a developing country and make a drastic difference.

Seeman Family with lollipops in World Vision ad

Three families, the Seemans, Chans and Clements, are given an opportunity to invest $43 a month on something special. The Seemans invest in their children, who mostly waste the money on confectionery. The Chans spend the money on video games, leading to apathy in the home. The Clements use the money to sponsor a child in Tanzania, online through World Vision.

Click on the image below to play the video.

Behind the scenes

The Seemans, Chans and Clements are played by three real sponsor families who had entered a competition to be in the film.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Sponsorship campaign was developed at World Vision by Bade Stapleton, at Rohan Zerna Films by Rohan Zerna and produced at Exit Films by Allison Lockwood.

A proportion of advertising revenue from The Inspiration Room Daily goes towards sponsoring a child in Ghana.

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