Worksafe Young Workers Speak Up

Worksafe Victoria in Australia is encouraging young workers to speak up at work before it’s too late. The organisation is concerned that many young people are too embarrassed to ask questions about equipment, often with terrible results. 15 to 24 year olds in all types of employment – casual, part-time, labour hire, work experience, or apprenticeships – are more likely to be severely injured at work in Victoria than any other age group. A range of print advertisements, television and radio commercials bring the message, “It doesn’t hurt to speak up”.

Worksafe Arm print advertisement

“I was new and afraid to ask”.

Worksafe Arm print advertisement

“I thought I’d look stupid if I asked again”.

Worksafe Arm print advertisement

“I thought I could wing it”.


The Worksafe Young Workers print campaign was developed at Grey, Melbourne, by creative director/copywriter Nigel Dawson, art director Peter Becker, with photographer Hugh Peachey.

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