Wonderbra Women on London Billboard

Wonderbra is making an impact on the London traffic with a billboard featuring thousands of women showing their cleavage. The billboard at Tottenham Court Road, central London, is the culmination of a two month integrated campaign to launch Wonderbra’s new D – G range of bras, beginning with a viral video inviting women to sign up online.

Wonderbra D to G billboard

The strapline, “D – G; Because we’re more than a handful”, reflects Wonderbra’s hallmark playful communication tone, as well as the attitudes of all those appearing in the billboard itself. The range brings the famous Wonderbra uplift to larger cup sizes for the first time and has been developed to answer the demands of the ‘dress to impress myself’ generation for a bra that helps them feel sexy and confident about their assets.

The billboard is designed to give ordinary women the opportunity for an Eva moment, a reference to the Hello Boys billboard featuring Eva Herzigová in 2000. The model in this billboard is Katie Green.

Wonderbra Hello Boys billboard

Photography was collected from an open photoshoot in London attended by more than 1000 women. Other photographs were sent in by women who had visited the microsite, wonderbra.co.uk/world.

Wonderbra D to G billboard

The billboard photograph is online at the microsite where visitors can zoom in to see the women. Participants are able to send their ‘Eva moment’ to their friends and family.

Wonderbra D to G billboard

Julia Nolan, Marketing Manager for Wonderbra, said “The campaign iris created has engaged with our audience and got them involved directly with the brand. The average UK cup size is getting bigger and we know that Wonderbra girls are proud of their cleavage whatever their size – this campaign has given them the chance to be confident, playful and sexy be they an A cup or an G cup.”

The Wonderbra campaign was developed by Iris Integrated Marketing, London. Natasha Williams, iris, said “It’s been over 10 years since “Hello Boys” and marketing, together with the attitudes and expectations of the audience, are unrecognizable today. For brands to really reach their consumers, campaigns have to be designed to make the experience meaningful – our activity has been centered on using the playfulness of the Wonderbra brand to engage with our audience through a range of communications channels and involve them within the Wonderbra experience. The final billboard is the culmination of this with 8,000 images showing fun, flirtatious and confident Wonderbra girls being their sexy-selves.”

Wonderbra D to G billboard

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