Wonder Performance Bread Not For Ducks

Wonder Performance bread, a Goodman Fielder product in Australia, has been launched with an integrated campaign using the tagline, “Not for Ducks”. This new bread, full of complex carbs, protein and iron, is designed for teenagers and is not to be fed to the ducks…

Seen any unusual duck behaviour?

The TV ad at the centre of the Not for Ducks campaign has “news presenter” Margaret Reid reporting on strange duck behaviour, including a surfing duck, ducks skylarking on an escalator and ducks performing aeronautics. She explains that the strange phenomenon is actually the result of ducks eating new Wonder Performance – a bread full of complex carbs, protein and iron, giving the ducks energy and strength to perform.

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The campaign has also seen the creation of the Duck Situation Division, whereby people can report unusual duck behaviour on a website or 1800 number. Other items include street posters, print, online advertising, duck watching blogs, and even a duck repellant ring tone. The ‘Not for Ducks’ logo even appears as a warning on the packaging. See the campaign online at www.dontfeedtheducks.com.au. A blog, Quackers, hosted by ornithologist Malcolm Fitzpatrick in NSW, highlights the YouTube campaign and provides links to the Coalition Against Duck Shooting, Duck Wiki, Raising Ducks and Duck Facts.

Surfing Duck

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Ducks on an escalator

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Duck Aeronautics

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The Not For Ducks campaign was developed at BMF, Sydney, by executive creative director Warren Brown, creative director Simon Langley, art director Paul Bruce, copywriters Richard Morgan and Cleve Cameron, digital art director Craig Bailey, group account director Patrick Cahill, strategic planner Gerry Cyron, and agency producer Whitney Hawthorn.

Filming was shot by director Joe Leonie via Flying Fish, Auckland. Post production was done at Perceptual Engineering, Auckland, and The House of Curves, London.

Warren Brown says, “BMF know how difficult it is to reach teenagers, which is why we took this non-traditional approach incorporating viral elements that have generated millions of views. Following up with a TVC completes the picture and explains the crazy duck behaviour. Hopefully this will see a lot of Wonder Performance bread.”

Duck surfer