Windows Life Without Walls in Print

Most of the focus on Microsoft’s current Windows marketing campaign has been focused on the two series of television commercials. Microsoft, working with Crispin Porter & Bogusky, has also launched a series of print and out of home ads with the theme of “Windows Life without Walls”. Here’s two of the print advertisements, featuring a Windows shaped window knocked out cut out by a home improvement fan, and a roller coaster riding the connection between notebooks, desktops and mobile phones. Click on the images for a larger copy of the images. Visit the Microsoft Press Center for print quality copies. See the next post here for more from the campaign.

Windows vs Walls print ad

“This epic struggle explains why we make what we make and do what we do. The thing that gets us out of bed every day is the prospect of creating pathways above, around and through walls. To start a dialogue between hundreds of devices, billions of people and a world of ideas. To lift up the smallest of us. And catapult the most audacious of us. But, most importantly, to connect all of us to the four corners of our own digital lives and to each other. To go on doing the little stuff, the big stuff, the crazy stuff and that ridiculously necessary stuff. On our own or together. This is more than software we’re talking about, it’s an approach to life. An approach dedicated to engineering the absence of anything that might stand in the way…of life. Today, more than one billion people worldwide have Windows. Which is just another way of saying we have each other.”

Windows vs Walls Rollercoaster print ad

This is gonna be fun. The walls between devices are giving way to Windows. Phones understand PCs. PCs understand TVs. And a whole family of devices connect your work to your personal life and connect you to over a billion other Windows users around the globe. Defying inertia. Kind of gives you goose bumps, doesn’t it?

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