Win Back Our Pride in Beijing Olympics

Sega’s Official Olympics Video Game, Beijing 2008, is being promoted in Australia with a provocative integrated advertising campaign, suggesting that Australia is behind on the medal tally. The game, available on Sony Playstation 3, XBox 360, Games for Windows and Mobile phones, is available around the world and will literally enable players to represent their country against other players. Australians, however are being called to “win back their pride” in three television and online commercials.

Win Back Our Pride web site

The web site,, leads to the Olympic Video Games site, as well as a few sites specially made for the campaign. The site includes links to Wikipedia, Facebook (Australia should give up on the Olympics Group).

Three banner ads bait viewers by telling them how many more times the German, American and French anthem is played at the Olympic Games than the Australian anthem. Viewers are invited to learn the three foreign anthems before being challenged to ‘win back our pride’.

Move to Hungary web site

Move to Hungary

A Hungarian spokesman compares the Australian tally of five boxing medals with Hungary’s twenty. He promises to help Australian move to Hungary. Immigration forms are available for Australian losers at

Stay in Finland

Olna of the Wood teases Australians with their poor looks and results on the track and field at Beijing and suggests Australians rent her villa in Finland. “Escape shame felt by your pathetic countrymen for 800 Euro per week. Such little price for Olympic dignity. No?”.

Russian Factory Jobs

A Russian manufacturer touts the USSR Olympic medal count as being 610 more than Australia, despite not being a country for 16 years. He’s offering a new start working his great factory in Russia.

Gumtree Ads

Viewers are directed to accommodation offers around Sydney and the world during the Beijing Olympics.


The Win Back Our Pride campaign was developed at Clemenger BBDO, Sydney, by creative director Richard Maddocks, associate creative director Guy Rooke, art directors Adam Lock (Win Back Our Pride) and Heather Sheen (Immortalise Yourself), copywriters Emma Lord (Win Back Our Pride) and Alex Derwin (Immortalise Yourself), designer Gustavo Vampre and agency producer Laura O’Connor.

Online work was developed at Clemenger Proximity by digital producer Harley Tesoriero and digital art director Brett Bimson.

Filming was shot by Trent O’Donnell via Jungle Boys, Sydney, with producer Nicola Patterson.

Sound was designed by Andrew Stevenson. Editors were Joe Morris and Toby Royce.