Whittakers Batch Roasting in New Zealand

Whittakers, a chocolate and nut company in New Zealand, used a TV commercial in 2007 to introduce the concept of “batch roasting”. The TV ad plays on the similarity between the word “batch” and the New Zealand term, “bach”, meaning small holiday house. Young women and men roast chocolate beans in a burning house, enjoying the flavours of the resulting molten chocolate.

Whittakers Batch Roast TV ad

So what is “Roast Batching?” The Whittakers roaster roasts 180kg of beans at a time for one hour at a temperature of between 300 C and 400 C. After each of the daily roasts (8 to 10 a day), the roaster is completely emptied and refilled with a fresh batch of beans.

Batch Roasting Credits

The Batch Roasting ad was developed at Assignment Group, New Zealand, by creatives Kim Thorp and Howard Grieve, with agency producer Brigid Howard.

Filming was directed by Darryl Ward via Curious Film, New Zealand, with director of photography Jac Fitzgerald and editor Sam Burnette.