White Pages says Hi in Australia

Sensis has relaunched its phone directory, the White Pages, in Australia with the first major advertising campaign in years. The TV ad from the campaign is centred around the word, “Hi”, from the word “white”, showing how people can connect with one another using the White Pages.

White Pages Hi

Click on the image below to play the video.

“Launching the new White Pages TVC campaign provides the perfect platform to remind consumers how our iconic brand White Pages ‘connects’ people in every day life. The campaign is very simple in concept but clever in its execution,” said Melissa Reynolds, group manager at White Pages. “We challenged DDB to develop a new creative platform for the brand.


The White Pages Hi campaign was developed at DDB Melbourne, by executive creative director Michael Faudet, associate creative director Jim McKeown, and art director Lu Paine.

Filming was directed by Richard Gibson and Jon Gwyther at Luscious Films, with producer Naomi Ingleton.

Music by Now It’s Overhead

Music is “Hi”, the 2001 track by Now It’s Overhead, from Athens, Georgia.

Hi, nice to meet you.
You and I are one in the same.
Goodbye, I can see you walk until you’re running away.
The moon glows and the sun shows
what you’re going to say.
You pass through like a jet low.
But you linger here all day so high
I can’t reach you.
I’m swinging while you’re floating away.
But time can defeat you.
And you could land again in my way.
Your look shows that you don’t know.
You are in a better way.
You are withering away though.
So I step in to say hi.