Wassup 2008 for True Change

The Whassup guys are back, but this time they’re not promoting beer. Its been eight long years since the boys said whassup to each other in the Bud Light commercial series. Their new campaign, produced in support for Barack Obama, is online at Wassup08.com.

Charles Stone III in Whassup 2008 commercial

As John McCain says, despite the fundamentals of the US economy being strong these are very very difficult times. Things have become grim for the Whassup 2008 characters, with the loss of home and job, collapse of the sharemarket, the war continuing in Iraq, and hurricanes down south. All the same, the boys are able to come together on the phone and stay true to what really matters: change. The spot states in closing that it expresses the opinions of the individuals involved and does not reflect the views of Anheuser-Busch Companies.

Click on the image below to play the video.

The Whassup campaign was first developed in 1998 by Charles Stone III, who filmed himself and his three friends playing with the words, “True” and “Whassup” in a three minute short film called “True”. In 1999 DDB Chicago arranged for Stone to film again in the context of sixty second advertisements for Bud Light. After auditioning many hopefuls Stone ended up filming his original buddies, actor Paul Williams, bouncer Scott Brooks, filmmaker Fred Thomas. Scott Martin Brooks won the role of “Dookie” when Kevin Lofton declined to audition. The team went on to make the TV advertising series, Budweiser-sponsored appearances on television, including a television series on TV commercials.


The Wassup 2008 spot was produced at True Vote Productions/ Believe Media by director Charles Stone III, director of photography Shane Hurlbut, executive producers Maurice Marable and Gerard Cantor, producer Katie Matson Walker, line producer Sara Bartlett.

VFX were developed at MassMarket by VFX artist/on set supervisor Rich Rama, lead Flame artist Sarah Elm, Lead compositor / on-set supervisor Lane Jolly, Particle animator John Cherniak, Roto/AFX artist Michael Dobbs, VFX producer Blythe Dalton, VFX executive producer Christine Schneider.

Editor was Nico Alba at Union Editorial. Sound was designed by Bill Chesley at HenryBoy. Sound was mixed by Philip Loeb at Sound Lounge.