Gruen Transfer Advertising Whale Meat

Gruen Transfer, the ABC show on advertising hosted by Wil Anderson, includes a pitch from two Australian advertising agencies. The first episode, on May 28, had Jack Watts Currie and DDB Sydney working on a hypothetical brief: Convince the Japanese whaling industry that your ad will sell whale meat to Aussies as the perfect thing to throw on a barbecue.

Angry Prawn

The Angry Prawn

Colin Watts presented the Jack Watts Currie pitch, a TV ad accompanied by an interactive web site, and T-shirts. Full marks for interactivity and connection to the crudeness of barbecue culture (consistent use of the F word).

Click on the image below to play the video.

Beef of the Sea

Vegetarian Kate O’Brien presented the DDB Sydney pitch. Humanize the cows who must die that we might eat our barbecue steaks. They have names! Better that one large mammal dies than thousands of innocents. This ad narrowly won the votes of the panel on Wednesday night and is leading comfortably in the online poll.

Click on the image below to play the video.