Volkswagen TDI Together At Last

Volkswagen is promoting the 2009 TDI Clean Diesel with a series of humorous television commercials featuring romantic liaisons, to the sounds of Etta James singing classic blues number At Last. In “Beach” a hippie guy and a extra fit woman run towards each other on the beach. “Power and the environment, together at last.” In “Wedding” well wishers gather outside the church to see the bride and groom emerge from the church. “Power and endurance, together at last.” In “Office” a security guard and a cleaner meet in an office at night. “Power and cleanliness, together at last.”

Couples together at last in VW TDI Diesel commercials


The “Together at Last” campaign was developed at Palm Arnold Communication, Montréal, by creative director/copywriter Pascal De Decker, art director Ellie Roy, copywriters Stuart Macmillan and Marcus Hildebrandt, and agency producer Marielle Mougeot.

Filming was shot by Matthieu Mantovani via Films Traffik with director of photography André Chemetoff.