Volkswagen Product Recall

Pon’s Automobielhandel, Volkswagen importers in the Netherlands, highlighted the reliability of the Volkswagen Golf with a spoof product recall published in Dutch newspapers. “Product recall. Volkswagen Golf Type I, 1974 model. It has been shown that, due to vibration, the closing mechanism of the glove compartment can be subject to wear. In the long run, in some cases, this might result in a more difficult handling of this mechanism. Even though no complaints have been registered, Volkswagen is making Golf Type I owners are of this, as as precaution.

Volkswagen Recall notice in Newspaper context

As this is not in line with the high standards of quality that Volkswagen has for its products, owners of the above-mentioned model are requested to go to before 12 January 2008. If necessary, Volkswagen will have the closing mechanism replaced free of charge. Volkswagen regrets any inconvenience caused. This is why Volkswagen offeres dissatisfied customers free servicing for their cars as compensation.

Volkswagen emphasizes that this only applies to the Volkswagen Golf Type I, 1974 model. Once again Volkswagen offers its apologies for any inconvenience caused.”

Volkswagen Golf Product Recall


The Product Recall concept was developed at DDB Amsterdam by executive creative director/copywriter Dylan De Backer, executive creative director/art director Joris Kuijpers, account supervisor Nelly De Wit, advertiser’s supervisors Mark van Heffen and Marian Verheij.

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