Volkswagen Polo Bluemotion goes Surreal

Volkswagen presents the absurdly low consumption BlueMotion Polo, in a set of surreal print advertisements. Spanish artist Salvador Dali and Belgian artist René Magritte are taken as the inspiration for paintings by Russian illustrator Kirill Chudinskiy. Dali’s melting time piece, from The Persistence of Memory, becomes Volkswagen’s melting fuel meter and bad news for the oil industry. Magritte’s Man in the Bowler Hat becomes a service station attendant, with a game of chess showing the Green Trees defeating the Oil Industry.

VW Polo Bluemotion Dali

VW Polo Bluemotion Magritte


The SurrealD campaign was developed at DDB Berlin, Germany, chief creative officer Amir Kassaei, executive creative directors Stefan Schulte and Bert Beulecke, creative directors Ludwig Berndl and Kristoffer Heilemann, art directors Marian Grabmayer and Marcus Intek, account manager Kathrin Thiele and illustrator Kirill Chudinskiy.

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  • charles

    very nice the petrol image

  • Rachel

    Wow, very nice and clever. You did a very good job at recreating their work and makeing everything fit into place with meaning and reference.

  • Soran Azad

    everytime i like salvador dali..
    thanks for you..