Volkswagen Golf Fight

Volkswagen provides a trip to the surreal side with “Fight”, a television commercial in which a car designer must do battle with his Matrix-style clones. “The Golf sets the benchmark in its segment. So when we set ourselves the challenge to improve on the Golf Mk V our main target was to outdo ourselves. This commercial highlights in dramatic fashion exactly how hard that challenge was,” said Morna Steel, communications manager at Volkswagen UK.

Volkswagen Designer in Fight commercial

The TV advert is set in the Volkswagen Polo factory in Germany, in the chief designer’s office. Karl Lohr, the engineer, challenges intruder after intruder to the music of the Jeans Team remix of Keine Melodien featuring MJ Lan. After he has defeated the last of his assailants the chief designer is seen looking at the new VW Golf. “Sometimes the only one you have to beat is yourself,” runs the voice over.


The Volkswagen Fight was developed at DDB, London by copywriter Sam Oliver, art director Shishir Patel, agency producer Lucy Westmore.

Filming was shot by Ivan Zacharias via Stink with director of photography Jan Fleck, producer Nick Landon, and editor Filip Malasek at Robota. Post production was done at The Mill, London. Sound was designed at Jungle Studios.

Lyrics for Keine Melodien

Ich singe keine Melodien (I do not sing melody)
Ich singe eins zwei drei vier (I sing one two three four)

Jeans Team, a Berlin based DJ group, recorded Keine Melodien in 2001. This edit features MJ Lan (Joachim Busch).