Volkswagen Dog Sings with Polo Confidence

Volkswagen in the UK is promoting the Polo as the environment so safe a dog can sing to its heart’s content. A dog sings “I’m a Man”, the Spencer Davis Group song, in confident tones while riding in a VW Polo, but under his breath while out of it.

Volkswagen Polo Singing Dog


The Polo Confidence trick was developed at DDB London, by creative director Jeremy Craigen, art director Feargal Ballance, copywriter Dylan Harrison, creatives Shishir Patel and Sam Oliver, and agency producer Lucy ‘Legs’ Westmore.

Dylan Harrison says, “The idea came from that feeling you get when you’re in the shower. You’re relaxed, you don’t have a care in the world and, regardless of your ability, you can feel free to belt out any song that comes to mind. This is how it feels to drive around in the safety of the Polo.”

Feargal Ballance says, “After the idea, the next challenge was finding the right track. When we eventually stumbled across ‘I’m a man’ by the Spencer Davis Group which we liked it instantly. Firstly it’s a bloke’s song – it’s manly, proud and coming from the mouth of a dog could be very funny. Next we needed someone to sing our song. We found a wonderful singer in Charlie Winston who has a fantastic voice, characterful and actually sounded like it was coming from our dog.”

Filming was shot in San Pedro, Los Angeles, by director Noam Murro via Biscuit Filmworks, Los Angeles, with executive producers Shawn Lacy and Richard Packer, producer Jay Veal, director of photography Matthew Libatique.

Post Production was done at Framestore.

Editing was done by Tim Thornton-Allan at Marshall Street Editors.