Visa celebrates Michael Phelps 8 Golds

Visa was ready to broadcast their congratulations for Michael Phelps the minute he climbed out of the pool as the man who won eight gold medals at one Olympics meet.

Phelps celebrates 8th medal

Morgan Freeman stumbles, searching for a new superlative to describe what has just happened. The 30 second commercial shows Phelps swimming the butterfly, washed in the gold colours of the Go World campaign.

“One gold medals is amazing. Two is well incredible. Three practically unbelievable. But eight? Eight gold medals? That’s…. that’s well, well we’re going to need some new adjectives for whatever that is. Congratulations Michael. Visa, proud sponsor the Olympic Games and the only card accepted there.”

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Another clip focuses on Michael Phelps as the competitor. “He’s competed against the past. He’s competed against the history books. He’s competed against time, expectations and everyone who came before him. But most of all he’s competed against himself. Congratulations Michael on having one more gold medal than anybody ever.”

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The Go World campaign was developed at TBWAChiatDay, New York, by worldwide creative director Lee Clow, executive creative director Rob Schwartz, creative director Patrick O’Neill, art director Becca Morton, copywriter Gage Clegg, agency producers Richard O’Neill and Rob Saxon.

Filming was designed, animated and edited at Superfad, Los Angeles, directed by Justin Leibow and Peggy Oei, with head of production Angela De Oliveira, producer Camille Labouchere, editor Charles Jensen and assistant editor Jeff Jenkins, designers/animators Bryan Cox, Adam Greene, Miles Kinghorn, Will Campbell, Sandy Chang, Eve Weinberg, James Hurlburt , Claudia Yi Leon, Matt Lavoy.

Phelps celebrates 8th medal

Visual effects/post production was done at D-Train by lead artist Ben Gibbs, VFX supervisor Dan Connelly, VFX producer Shannon Preece, VFX artists Dave Sarbel, Casey Price, Dylan Nathan, Christel Hazard.

Music was composed at Elias by Nate Morgan (Come Together) and Dave Wittman (Strug), with executive producer Ann Haugen.

Sound was mixed by John Bolan at Play Studios.