Vigorsol Squirrel helps Antarctic Penguins

Vigorsol, the mint gum known for its irreverent advertising, has appeared in a second TV ad featuring an animated squirrel. In the first advertisement the Vigorsol squirrel saved the animals from a forest fire with his icy fart. Now it’s time to address global warming.

Vigorsol penguin in Antarctic

The TV advert begins with a documentary-style narration explaining the plight of Emperor Penguins affected by global warming and melting of the ice caps. To the rescue comes the flatulent squirrel.

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube


The Antarctic solution was developed at BBH London by creative director Nick Gill, copywriter Verity Fenner.

Animation was directed by Lobo at The Ebeling Group with assistant director Claudia Southgate, producers Alex Webster and Michelle Kendrick, and executive producers Mick Ebeling and Dex Deboree.

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2 Responses to Vigorsol Squirrel helps Antarctic Penguins

  1. Ian MacK says:

    The fruitcakes at Vigosol are still at it. For some reason I am imagining that the Perfetti Confectionary Co. operates inside a high-security mental hospital. The confectioners (inmates) roll about cackling and muttering about squirrels’ f*rts and elongated nipples…

    Most Italian people I know are completely normal and enjoy a good joke. I am too embarrassed to ask them what they think about squirrels and nipples.

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