Vichy Perfect Protection at Apomea, a pharmacy web site focused on the needs of mothers and children, presents three print advertisements demonstrating the capacity of Vichy sun screen to protect children from the effects of extreme sunlight. It is well known that the skin is more vulnerable when the sun is reflected off sand, water, ice and snow. Here, the Vichy Capital Soleil 50+ bottle provides a protective shadow effect at the beach, the pool and in the mountains. “Perfect protection. Now available at”

Apomea Vichy Beach print advertisement

Apomea Vichy Beach pool advertisement

Apomea Vichy Beach mountain advertisement


The Vichy campaign was developed for at Jung von Matt/ Spree, Germany, by creative directors Boris Schwiedrzik, Christian Himmelspach, copywriter Jens Daum, art director Frederik Hofmann, art buyer Marjorie Jorrot, account managers Frank Lotze, Ina Neumann, Christian Krull, producer Sven Hannemann, with post production done at PX1 Berlin. Apomea marketing manager was Sabine Haag.