Vegemite Cricket Balls in Melbourne

Vegemite became the topic of conversation for the Melbourne public in Australia during a recent cricket tournament being held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). Selected cars in the MCG car park were set up with cricket balls and transfers that gave the appearance that a cricket ball had been smashed over the top of the stadium and become embedded in the windscreen. Another ball was found in a nearby tram stop shelter.

Vegemite ambient car ad in Melbourne

Vegemite ambient car ad in Melbourne

Vegemite, manufactured by Kraft, is an iconic Australian yeast-based sandwich spread, rich in Vitamin B and a great source of natural energy. The print on the transfer is “Looks like the Aussies had their Vegemite today”.

Vegemite ambient tram stop ad in Melbourne


The Vegemite campaign was developed at JWT Melbourne by creative director Richard Muntz, art director Jason Ryan and copywriter Scott Glennon.

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