VB Gold Ssh Awards in Man Stroke Women Style

VB Gold is being positioned as the beer for everyone, from the mouthy opinionated guys to the drinkers who’d like to talk intelligently about their sport. Or is it just a play on the Schweppes focus on the “shh” sound made when opening the bottle? That’s my take on this new campaign brought out by Droga5, borrowing heavily from the British television series, Man Stroke Woman.

VB Gold Shh Awards page

The Boat

One of the blokes launches into a monologue about his uncle’s boat, with every sentence revealing that he doesn’t really know what he’s talking about. His mates try to keep him quiet, each with a variation on the “Shhh” sound. Finally he stops and opens a VB gold (shh!) and the conversation turns elsewhere.

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It’s an Australian pub with rugby league playing on the telly. One of the blokes at the bar starts ranting about how the game’s gone soft, not like when he was playing. He should have been professional by now if it hadnt’ been for his knee.

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One of the blokes brags about the property deal he’s pulled off.

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The Inspiration

An opiniated British drinker talks about how his Maserati is better than anything else on the road. Once he’s stopped, the conversation moves to a documentary on Mandela.

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The Shh Awards

The campaign leads to a web site, The Shh Awards, where Australians are invited to nominate their big talking mate for a Shh award and score 4 tickets to the Rugby League World Cup Grand Final, (22 November in Brisbane), 2 nights accommodation, a Gourmet BBQ hosted by rugby league commentators Matthew Johns and Laurie Daley, and a deep sea fishing trip.

The winning phrase will be quoted big on the signage at the game.


The Ssh Awards was developed at Droga5, Sydney, by creative director David Nobay, creatives Matty Burton and Cam Blackley, and agency producer Paul Johnston.

Filming was shot by Ric Cantor, the director of Man Stroke Women, via Outsider and Plaza Films, with producer Pal McPadden. Editor was Stuart Reeves at Guillotine.

Man Stroke Woman is a comedy sketch show directed by Richard Cantor and produced by Ash Atalla and starring Amanda Abbington, Ben Crompton, Daisy Haggard, Meredith MacNeill, Nicholas Burns and Nick Frost.

Rob Campbell, a self-named opinionated sod who worked on earlier VB campaigns, has a rant along with his commenting friends, saying “This Isn’t A Case Of ‘Can You Spot The Differences’, This Is More A Case Of ‘Can You Spot Any Difference’ At All?”