USA Presidential Campaigners Online

Here’s a list of candidates for nomination in the USA presidential election of 2008, indicating their online presence in social networking and other Web 2.0 forms.

Barack Obama
Barack Obama on MySpace 224014 friends
Barack Obama on Facebook
Barack Obama on Friendster
Barack Obama on Flickr
Barack Obama on Twitter
Barack Obama’s YouTube Channel
Barack Obama on Wikipedia

Barack Obama Twitter

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton on MySpace 162337 friends
Hillary Clinton 2008 MySpace
Hillary Clinton on Facebook
Hillary Clinton on Friendster
Hillary Clinton’s YouTube Channel
Hillary Clinton on Wikipedia
Hillary Clinton on Flickr
Hillary Hub Campaign News

John Edwards
John Edwards on MySpace 52250 friends
John Edwards on Facebook
John Edwards’ photos on Flickr
John Edwards on Twitter
John Edwards’ YouTube channel
John Edwards on Wikipedia
John Edwards on 43 Things
John Edwards’ Metacafe channel
John Edwards on Revver
John Edwards on Yahoo!360
John Edwards on Bebo
John Edwards on Care2
John Edwards Xanga profile
John Edwards on Live Journal

Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney on MySpace 33156 friends
Mitt Romney on Facebook
Students for Mitt
Mitt Romney’s YouTube channel
Mitt Romney on Flickr
Romney Shop – merchandise

John McCain
John McCain on MySpace 40856 friends
John McCain on Facebook
John McCain’s YouTube channel
John McCain on Wikipedia

Mike Huckabee
Mike Huckabee on MySpace 28065 friends
Mike Huckabee on Facebook
Mike Huckabee on Twitter

Rudy Giuliani
Rudy Giuliani on MySpace 10070 friends
Rudy Giuliani on Facebook
John McCain’s YouTube channel
Rudy Giuliani’s photos on Flickr
Rudy Giuliani on Wikipedia

Ron Paul
Ron Paul on MySpace 113105 friends
Ron Paul on Facebook
Ron Paul on Twitter
Ron Paul’s YouTube Channel
Ron Paul on Friendster
Ron Paul’s photos on Flickr
Ron Paul on Wikipedia

A few of these have Twitter channels in their name but either have no access to them (someone beat them to it) or have not bothered to add any updates.