United Airlines Time to Fly Again

United Airlines has produced a reprise for “It’s Time to Fly Again”, the animated television commercials featuring the music of George Gershwin. Five animated videos, set to Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, take viewers on new explorations of flights of fancy. Robert Redford provides the voiceover for each.

Two Worlds scene from United Airlines commercial

Two Worlds

A suit in a black and white world escapes the drudgery of his world by walking through a door into the sky. Directed by Gaelle Denis and SSSR (Kristian Hammerstad, Marc Reisbig and Yu Sato), via Passion Pictures, London with producer Belinda Blacklock.

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Sea Orchestra

An ensemble cast of sea creatures performs Rhapsody in Blue in the middle of the ocean. Directed by Shy the Sun (Jannes Hendrikz and Ree Treweek) via Duck Studios, with executive producer Mark Medernach and producer Nina Pfeiffer.

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A woman travels across the world to present a paper at a conference, leaving her heart behind. Directed by Jamie Caliri via Duck Studios

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A woman soars off into sleep as a butterfly during her international flight. Directed by Aleksandra Korejwo via Acme Filmworks, Los Angeles, with executive producer Ron Diamond, producer David Schmier.

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An business class passenger produces a fantastic creation from the moon in the window. Directed by Ishu Patel via Image Par Image with producer Aileen Brophy.

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The Time to Fly campaign was developed at Barrie D’Rozario Murphy, Minneapolis, by executive creative directors Stuart D’Rozario and Bob Barrie, art director James Zucco, copywriter Dan Mackaman, agency producers Holly Stone and Jack Steinmann. Barrie and D’Rozario, before founding the agency in November 2006, were responsible for the “It’s Time to Fly” campaign at Fallon Worldwide.

Music was produced at Trivers & Myers. Sound was mixed by Ken Chastain at Pixel Farm, Minneapolis.