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Japanese clothing brand UNIQLO launched the new product, “Bra Top”, with an interactive research entertainment web site, “Try”, www.uniqlo.com/try, featuring videos with feedback from women all over Japan. Uniqlo Try, still live at www.uniqlo.com/try, is today’s “Site of the Day”.

Uniqlo Try site

Women in their twenties and thirties were recruited via mail magazines to fill out questionaires, giving their first impressions of the bra top, along with their personal tastes when it comes to travel, favourite animals and colours. “Compared with regular bras, how does the bra top feel when worn?” “How do the bra top cups fit?”

Visitors to the site are able to see the women speaking, along with graphically designed statistics, backed by a Cornelius music track. Viewers can use filters to choose participants close to their own demographic, or just enjoy the stream of consciousness flowing through the site.

The web site has been linked with a five fold increase in sales of the Bra Top, leading to Uniqlo selling out the 1.7 million items in production.


The Uniqlo Try concept was developed at Dentsu, Tokyo, by creative director/technical director Hiroki Nakamura, agency art directors Yuta Sejima and Shin Masuda, interactive designer Takeshi Kanamaru, programmer Hiroyuki Misono, production manager Akido Yamada, client supervisors Kentaro Katsube, Shuhei Eguchi, Ayumi Shiba.

Web design was developed by Takeshi Kanamaru, Hiroshi Koike and Keisuke Miyazawa via Simone, Tokyo, with producers Shinsaku Ogawa and Osamu Iwasaki.

Sound was designed by Cornelius (Keigo Oyamada), Tokyo.

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