Ugly Mug Coffee Posters

Ugly Mug Coffee in Memphis Tennessee has a humorous print advertising campaign using letterpress identifying the point of connection between strong coffee and morning experiences of caffeine addicts. The ads identify the painful realities associated with waking up, meeting morning people, office coffee, alarm clocks and sunshine.

Alarm Clock in Ugly Mug Coffee poster

“Your alarm clock doesn’t get you. Like a good little digital soldier it blindly follows last night’s orders. 6.45? 6.45 was merely a suggestion. You are not the same person you went to bed as. And beeps and buzzes and the morning zoo crew just won’t do.”

Snooze Button in Ugly Mug Coffee poster

“The Snooze Button is a pusher selling heaven in seven minute increments. The first one is free. The first one is always free. But I can stop anytime I want.”

Restraining Order in Ugly Mug Coffee poster

“You can’t get a restraining order for the sun. It comes and goes as it pleases. A gaseous unwelcome Peeping Tom peeking in between the blinds. The sun is above the law.”

Who is the Person in Ugly Mug Coffee poster

“Who is the person I wake up next to every morning? Completely unrecognizable. Certainly not the same sweet caring wife I went to bed with. No, that woman is gone. And for the passingest of passing moments, I’m open to the concept of alien abduction.”

Morning People in Ugly Mug Coffee poster

“Morning People. They begin the day with a seemingly endless boundless supply of energy and pluck. Luckily for the rest of us they usually slow down by around eleven o’clock. At which point they’re pretty easy to pick off, swat down and crush the hope out of.”

Office Coffee in Ugly Mug Coffee poster

“Office coffee, the official coffee of Purgatory. The ultimate consolation prize. With all the flavor of wet paper and all the kick of a neutered kitten. You don’t trust these people with your stapler. How can you trust them to make your morning cuppa?”


The Ugly Mug Coffee campaign was developed at Young & Laramore, Indianapolis, by creative director Charlie Hopper, associated creative director/copywriter Bryan Judkins, associate creative director/art director Trevor Williams, photographer Gary Sparks and typography designers at Yee-Haw Industries.

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