uBERgroover.tv exploring culture through dance

üBERgroover.tv®, today’s Site of the Day, is an original, independent, Australian production re-energising the grooving capacity of the populace by delivering compelling video entertainment via an interactive website: www.uBERgroover.tv

uBERgroover Site

The site is hosted by founder Tribal T, also known as Tina Lymberis, AFTRS TV Producing graduate, film director and producer from Adelaide now living in Sydney running her own company, Mediarize. (See our post on her music video for the Sun Pilots).

The online show includes everyday people sharing their stories and favourite moves. “Thong Search”, “At The Car Wash”, “Cocktail Shaker” and “Phone Box Shuffle” are just some of the comedic elements that inspire groove into everyday situations. The site includes informative elements that explore alternative dance forms, dance culture and dance facts.

Visitors to the site are able to create grooves representing modern Australian culture through “Groovemaker”, an online movie editor powered by Movie Masher.

“üBERgroover.tv fuses user created content with professional production values and interactive tools to provide immersive entertainment; a perfect recipe, considering viewers are getting tired of watching stand-alone amateur content, but still wanting to show themselves off”, says its creator Tina Lymberis. “Viewers hold the future of propelling Australian dance culture in the click of their mouse. Our mission is to propel the evolution of dance by creating grooves that represent modern Australian culture.”

Lymberis has signed distribution agreements with CNET through its Adikted.tv site and is currently working on securing further international distribution.

Associated Websites

uBERgroover at YouTube, Mediarize at YouTube, uBERgroover at Myspace, Mediarize at Facebook.

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