TV2 Particles Love The Feeling

New Zealand television channel TV2 has an new ident with the tagline, “Love The Feeling”, featuring particles flying through the air and inspiring love. Music is Aire Of Good Feeling, a 1971 track recorded by a Wellington band, The Quincy Conserve. You can buy/listen to it for $1.69 on Amplifier.

TVNZ Particles commercial

Click on the image below to play the video.


TV2 Particles was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi, New Zealand by executive creative director Mike O’Sullivan, art director Rob Beamish, copywriter Hilary Badger, and agency producers Jane Mill and Tania Jeram.

Filming was shot by Darryl Ward via Curious Film, New Zealand, with producer Matt Noonan.

Lyrics from the Particles ad

Blow on the bugle
I want my drum
Look out I’m chilling now (?)
Something’s coming on
Shout it on the mountain
To anyone you see
Aire of good feeling coming over me
And can’t you see
Girl can’t you see
Aire of good feeling coming
Can’t you feel it coming
It’s coming…